My Virtual Return

It’s been a while since I took my web presence seriously. To be honest, I’ve hesitated getting involved in the virtual space again since essentially checking out around six years ago. At that time social media was in its infancy and while I recognized it was the next wave, I didn’t want to get sucked in. That was an activity and commitment I vowed to delay as long as possible.

But I can’t avoid it anymore. As the virtual and physical worlds mesh, people are spending increasing hours interacting with friends and fun online. If I want to reach out to people who might find my outlook and services worthwhile, I need to do it well in this rapidly growing immersive environment.

Please allow me to re-introduce myself, I am Michael Greene, LCSW, a resident of NYC and social worker/therapist by trade. I’ve been a therapist for about 5 years now (see Bio) and work with a wide range of clients. My main focus is helping youth who are having difficulty understanding or dealing with their social environment. I run small groups for teens and also provide individual and family therapy (see services and therapeutic approach). By the way, if by chance you are looking for a different Michael Greene take a look at the just for fun page.

And getting back to the topic of my on-line presence. In my past life as a web developer I’d lament the lack of mature tools that would allow a non-techie to create and manage a website. I’d counsel people not to get too caught up in the look and technology but focus on the content – their ideas, themes and message. Now with a free, easy to install software package (wordpress), it’s a snap to create a site with set pages that describe key relatively static info, and a blog of current notes and running commentary (this page). I don’t have to worry about how to build the site, but get to enjoy the experience of coming back online and focusing on the message. Learning how to use the new medium as a major form of outreach/communication feels like a natural initial topic that would worthy to publicly contemplate within this space. More on the way….

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