Michael Greene

I’m Michael Greene, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). I came into this field as a second career (see bio) and have developed a fairly diverse practice, working with people of different ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. To be honest, the range of people I see and the various issues we discuss are two of the things I most enjoy about my work.

There are many worthwhile psychological theories (as well as good therapists). The key for the client is to find someone they feel comfortable with and think can be of assistance.

I tend to establish a good personal rapport and project a fairly practical outlook that combines mindfulness with a cognitive behavioral approach. Fundamentally, my goal is developing an effective collaboration with the client(s) to help them gain greater insight and an enhanced ability to deal with the issues they face. Each interaction is unique and tailored to the specific person. This provides a consistent learning opportunity for me as well.



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