Social Skills Groups for Teens

Please note – At this time I am not leading any social groups.  The following description is still posted as it has been an important part of my work.

Social skills groups are geared towards teens who have difficulty navigating social situations with peers, either due to their anxiety, difficulty understanding social cues, preoccupation with computer/video games, etc.

Now while it’s true that people in general learn best when feeling engaged and entertained, this is particularly true with teens. In order for the social skills groups to be effective, the participants have to enjoy the time. For me this means designing sessions with flexibility and the recognition that having fun is as important as any of the information that might be contained in my agenda, teaching approach or lesson plan. For kids who have social challenges, participating in a regularly scheduled and enjoyable social exchange with peers can be the key ingredient in helping them feel more open and comfortable in other settings. Going with the flow and interests of the participants and using it to expand their ability to successfully relate is my orientation in groups.


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