Individual Therapy for Adults and Teens

Are two heads better than one?

Having someone you trust and who is totally dedicated to your best interest is often the exact thing you need to open yourself up to a new perspective or make an important change in your life.

Most times we rely on friends or family, however this doesn’t always work. Sometimes our problem directly relates to the very people we are close with. At other times, they are either too involved or too busy to take a fresh look.

My approach is to create a comfortable exchange with the person and understand their goals for therapy. Some people simply want the opportunity to think and speak about their lives in a safe setting, without feeling judged or pressured. Others are looking for solutions to specific problems and require useful tools that they can apply. I use several modalities depending on the client’s needs including cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and EMDR.

As a therapist, I try to utilize my range of life experiences, a fair amount of wisdom and an ability to see effective ways to handle problems and tough situations. You can be sure that regardless of your circumstances, my full intention will be to create an honest and supportive environment to help you successfully deal with the challenges you face.


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