Michael Greene, LCSW

My route to becoming a therapist was somewhat circuitous. While always a people person, I also have a passion for technology and my first career of close to 20 years was in that field. Most of that time was spent working for an energy company (once known as Brooklyn Union Gas), first in database administration then in Internet/Intranet development. My position was in the technical area, but I tended to migrate towards the people aspects of the job. When laid off in 2004, I saw it as a blessing in disguise, went back to school, and received my MSW from Fordham University in 2006.

Since that time I’ve had the opportunity of conducting therapy with a diverse range of clients. I bring a sense of enthusiasm and energy towards the job and a commitment to make a positive impact. This attitude combined with some of the wisdom I’ve gained through life experiences helps me provide what I consider to be a high quality service.

I have two office locations one in Great Neck NY, the other in Boonton NJ. (see the Services page for more details). My LinkedIn profile includes a more complete resume.

Other relevant biographical info

I am a father of two young adults, just out of college. I enjoy being with family & friends, traveling, listening to music and participating in a variety of community related activities. Two of my most long term involvements are:

  • – Founder of Webby award nominated site that focuses on children and unstructured, unsupervised play, particularly within the urban experience. Developing the site has provided me the opportunity to work with major cultural institutions such as the Smithsonian Institute, New York Historical Society and the Museum of Natural History. It’s really a great site – worth a visit.
  • Brick by Brick – Co-founder of non-profit organization linking school communities between the US and Uganda. US children help raise funds to help improve the educational facilities and quality of schools in a rural district of Uganda. US children help to see their efforts making an important contribution to the lives of their contemporaries in a much less fortunate environment.

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