Michael Greene

I’m Michael Greene, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). While having a diverse range of clients, much of my practice is focused on working with teenagers who have difficulty interacting with their social environment. Some deal with social anxiety others find it difficult to understand social cues or have a preoccupation with computer/video games, etc. I am particularly experienced working with young people who are high functioning and considered to be on the aspergers/autism spectrum.

Regardless of the specific problem or given label, teenagers tend to be acutely aware of difficult interactions with their peers and can find it extremely painful when this area of their life doesn’t seem to gel. I provide individual and group therapy to help them develop the key skills that form the basis of successful social interactions. While there are specific topics to cover in the group the most important ingredient is generating a comfortable, natural environment and making sure that the participants are having fun. I’ve found that demonstrating true respect and a playful attitude offers the greatest opportunity for young people to learn and grow.

Although focusing on teens and their families, I see people of all ages and backgrounds. I try to incorporate a range of perspectives but tend to have a practical orientation and a proclivity towards a cognitive behavioral approach. The bottom line is working cooperatively to figure out what works best for the person and their situation. And while the overriding goal is to help the client, it’s clear that each interaction is a learning opportunity for the therapist as well. This might be considered the hidden benefit or even better, the true gift of participating in this line of work.



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