Virtual Reality in Therapy

psychology-networker-cover2I’m very pleased that an article I wrote about virtual reality and therapy is appearing in the Nov/Dec issue of Psychotherapy Networker, a magazine highly regarded by many practicing therapists. Because the Networker is a subscription based magazine, I’ve included the content in a page on this site – see

As background, prior to becoming a therapist, I worked in the Information Technology field. Much of my time was spent on Internet projects in what the then the relatively early years of the web. Although no longer employed in IT, I have kept up with important trends, particularly emerging consumer oriented technologies that I believe will have a major impact on day-to-day life. Virtual reality and augmented reality (a combination of both the real and “virtual world”) is poised to enter the mainstream with an impact that I believe will be as great as the iPhone and other smart cells.

While I am a long-time sci-fi fan and love thinking of new unexplored realms, I’m not saying this is all good news. Clearly the smart phone has facilitated information retrieval and communications, however, it also appears to have contributed towards less “old fashioned” face to face contact as well information overload with a paradoxical acceptance of more shallow explanations for complex phenomena. It seems that with each advance and its accompanying opportunities, we lose important aspects of ourselves as well.

Well there I go again – for more philosophizing and a lot of information on the subject, see the article at If you do have a subscription to Psychotherapy Networker, you can see it at Is VR a Game Changer? – Virtual Reality in Therapy – In addition, click here for a PDF version if you prefer printed format.

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